PostHeaderIcon Interviews with local fans after Ghana versus Germany

One of the things I have mentioned on the IdoNotes blog here is how this is a community event.  Global community.  Countries really do not matter when it comes to who you talk to, walk next to, stand next to our share a bag of crisps.

After the Ghana versus Germany game, we were honored to meet some wonderful South Africans that allowed us to do the following interviews. Carl did the first one, with Andy playing the instrumental.

Andy took on the second interview of a wonderful couple that has traveled the world. They even took time after to teach the Shosholoza song

One Response to “Interviews with local fans after Ghana versus Germany”

  • Abdul Mia says:

    Waka Waka
    Cuz this is Africa
    Waka Waka eh eh
    This time for Africa
    Go GHANA!!!!!!!!