PostHeaderIcon Where did England go wrong?

Well I suppose the quick answer is that we fielded a team. Honestly, what a crap performance.  It appears that to beat England you just need to put on an opposing team that chases every ball.  This stops England from getting any kind of control and they turn in to a pile of stinking Elephant turd.  Maybe if we had fielded a team from the Coca-Cola 2nd division the players would be so grateful to be there, they would at least play with passion.  The sad thing about the England performance is we’ve seen it before, we’ve seen it under Sven, McClaren, Capello, name a manager and we’ve seen this same performance.  Why do they play like this?  Why do we as fans believe they are going to play differently? Why do we have more belief in our team than they have in themselves?  If playing for your country can’t motivate you, I’m really not sure what can.

The issue I see with England is that they aren’t using the wings and they aren’t running off the ball.  If you watch other teams, they run off the ball to make space and they play as if their lives depend on it (in Colombia that actually is the case).  Passing was very poor, although it was made harder by players not running off the ball.  Perhaps England have forgotten how to do that simple thing of making triangles to pass, or maybe they need a few hours playing piggy in the middle, I have no ideas what go on at England training camps, it obviously isn’t how to pass and keep the ball though.

I don’t mind if a team plays crap as long as they put in the effort.  Isn’t this what we tell kids when they’re growing up, if you get an E, as long as I know you did the best you could and tried as hard as you could that’s OK?

I do admit that we have high expectations for our team, and chatting to other fans they’re very pleased with two ties and think we should be satisfied with there still being a chance to qualify and destiny being in our own hands.  Basically I say screw that, I want to be qualified already.

Will continue to support England even if they go home after the next game, but seriously, can you please try and play as if you care.

How can we solve the problem? Honestly I have no idea.  I’d probably start though by letting the players play in their usual positions, with the current squad  I’d get rid of Heskey and Lampard, and probably put on Crouch and Joe Cole.  If we’re going to resort to long balls then at least have a tall person up front to receive them, and if the rest of the team is missing creativity, lets put Cole on and hopefully he will remind other players that they can go at the opposing team and can run off the ball.

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  • Dad says:

    All the big teams seem to be having problems. eg Italy vrs NZ. What a great result for NZ. France en
    ven though haven't scored a goal yet the players are on strike from training today as a result of Anelca being sent home.