PostHeaderIcon It’s not all football, football and more football you know.

Although did I mention we managed to get FIFA World Cup Final Tickets! Don’t worry, we’ll take Chris Jr.

Seriously though, it would be absolutely crazy of us to come all the way to South Africa and not do a Safari. So for the last couple of days between games we drove up to Pilanesburg Game Reserve. My poor camera didn’t know what had hit it, for the first time this trip I managed to flatten the battery from taking so many photos. They’re still uploading to Flickr, but you’ll be able to see the complete selection in an hour or so (internet is slow here) at the following URL

These animals are amazing, they’re massive, and it really comes home when you’re in a tiny Toyota Corolla rental with a Rhino facing you a few feet away.  The car was in reverse and I was ready to floor it and lift the clutch if I had seen that Rhino twitch, fortunately the only thing twitching was Andy’s arsehole (so he says I didn’t check).

We stopped at one hide and were lucky enough see a couple of Elephants come for a drink and a Hippo go for a swim.

Pretty tired now, and need to get sleep for our drive to Durban tomorrow, where we will see Germany take on Spain.  Who do you think will win?

3 Responses to “It’s not all football, football and more football you know.”

  • Ed Brill says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics. Looks like a great time. How do you find the driving in ZA?

  • Rob Ingram says:

    Great pics

    Now my burning question

    I was just looking at photo of Messi after Argentina lost and noticed a bit of a resemblance to Andy Higgins

    Piecing together the evidence.

    1. Poor performance of Messi – no goals.
    2. No photos of Andy during Argentina games.
    3. Andy's voice has been heard on business conf calls while allegedly at the world cup.
    4. Poor post game video interview skills by Andy.

    It all adds up. Have we seen the real Messi at the World cup (or the real Andy with a wig)?

  • Carl says:

    @Rob, the secret is out. Have you also noticed how Chris Miller looks like Chris Waddle without the mullet? Although I admit, Andy's eyes look a lot like George Bush's that freaks me out quite often.

    @Ed – Driving has been fine. The left handside of the road has not really been an issue for us. They drive around round-abouts in a strange way, but you lived in Boston, where no round-about rules are followed anyway. Highways between major cities are great, although you have to watch out for the locals playing frogger crossing from one side of the road to the other. Not sure I'd do too much driving at night, not to be racist, but black people in black clothes on bikes without lights are not easy to see on country roads.