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PostHeaderIcon Second day in Cape Town

Went for a flight lesson – best way to get up there and take pictures… Here’s a good one of Cape Town and the Greenpoint Football stadium

PostHeaderIcon Cape Town – Cape Point

Beautiful drive, even though it was a little rainy and blustery, down the coast to the most south-westerly point of Africa – Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope

PostHeaderIcon Lucky break…

Well, we decided to check out a semi-final in Durban – so we we’re on the road to Durban and we pulled into a service station on the road down there. We were just going to get some gas and a snack when the gas/petrol attendant announced “That’s Tshabalala!!” – he had seen a guy drive up in his new BMW convertible (with no license plates) and get out – it turned out it was Siphewe Tshabalala, the South African striker, who scored the first goal in this World Cup (and what a cracker that goal was)… so I went over to him at the checkout and asked if I could get a picture…..

I told him his goal was a corker!!

PostHeaderIcon South African people – The Mia family

You may have read in previous blogs about how friendly we have found the South African people during our stay here. Well, tonight was another example of their extreme hospitality when Carl and I visited (by invitation) Abdul Mia and his delightful family in Mayfair, Joburg. As Abdul has mentioned, this Mayfair is a little different to the one in London – situated on the other side of Joburg to where we are, it was a quick 20 minute drive. We were welcomed by Abdul, his wife and two daughters with South African hospitality including guava juice, Avocado pudding, Masala Tea and biscuits and really yummy homemade Chicken samosas. We spent the evening talking about the World Cup, world politics and other amusing anecdotes. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening and we’d like to thank Abdul and his family for their hospitality.

PostHeaderIcon Japanese fans

We met a few Japanese fans when we watched the great game between Paraguay and Japan this evening. These two were special:

The one on the left is a guy….. so when he left and went for a beer, I snuck down and asked if I could get a picture with the funny costume…

NOTE: yes that is really Andy in there, not photoshop.  He walked down a few rows and asked to put it on for the shot.  They were more than happy to oblige.

PostHeaderIcon Captain America

Captain America caught talking time off for a pee at halftime during the USA Ghana match.