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PostHeaderIcon It’s not all football, football and more football you know.

Although did I mention we managed to get FIFA World Cup Final Tickets! Don’t worry, we’ll take Chris Jr.

Seriously though, it would be absolutely crazy of us to come all the way to South Africa and not do a Safari. So for the last couple of days between games we drove up to Pilanesburg Game Reserve. My poor camera didn’t know what had hit it, for the first time this trip I managed to flatten the battery from taking so many photos. They’re still uploading to Flickr, but you’ll be able to see the complete selection in an hour or so (internet is slow here) at the following URL

These animals are amazing, they’re massive, and it really comes home when you’re in a tiny Toyota Corolla rental with a Rhino facing you a few feet away.  The car was in reverse and I was ready to floor it and lift the clutch if I had seen that Rhino twitch, fortunately the only thing twitching was Andy’s arsehole (so he says I didn’t check).

We stopped at one hide and were lucky enough see a couple of Elephants come for a drink and a Hippo go for a swim.

Pretty tired now, and need to get sleep for our drive to Durban tomorrow, where we will see Germany take on Spain.  Who do you think will win?

PostHeaderIcon Our Drive to Glen Afric

As you have seen by now on Flickr, we had a terrific time at Glen Afric.  The staff was knowledgeable and the animals amazing.  Being able to be close and touch ones you normally only see in a zoo scenario made it all worthwhile.  I did worry we may not make it there.  I think this quick clip shows why.

To see all of my pictures from Glen Afric, you can click below to see the tag. Carl has an amazing set himself of the animals and trip there.

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PostHeaderIcon A day without football, so a day with animals.

Today was our first day without football, what with there being a two day break until the Quarter Finals begin.  So today we did something different, we headed off to a nearby game park where they rehabilitate animals.  This had a few benefits for us over a regular game reserve in that we knew we were going to see some animals and in some cases even get very close to them.  As usual I dragged the camera along with me and snapped a few pictures, which you can see here.

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