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PostHeaderIcon Japan v Paraguay videos, pictures and thoughts #worldcup

What an amazing game to see.  The first game that went to penalty kick at World Cup 2010.  The Japan fans were there in full energy and attire and Paraguay fans were not as obvious.  Sorry.


We enjoyed sitting in the section right next to a large amount of Japan fans.  Carl has an amazing set of fan photos from this event in the VVorldCup photo pool on Flickr. Their enthusiasm for everyone on the team was excellent to see.  Their team is a hero, not just one or two international players.  I wish more fans saw their teams like this.  Many just want to see individuals make individual plays.  First up is our intro into a new stadium for us to see.


Both teams were so well balanced.  While the style of play was obviously different, they canceled each other out and breakaways were exciting when they happened.  As we hot 80 minutes in, all three of us looked at each other and said penalty shots.   It almost was dashed as Japan was so close to a goal in the last few minutes of overtime.


Skipping the thought that we went into penalty shots, this was one of the more exciting games to watch for me on a personal level.  Carl and Andy have a couple more to go.  Maybe one will prove more exciting.

Go visit the Flickr pool for all of our combined photos.

PostHeaderIcon Japanese fans

We met a few Japanese fans when we watched the great game between Paraguay and Japan this evening. These two were special:

The one on the left is a guy….. so when he left and went for a beer, I snuck down and asked if I could get a picture with the funny costume…

NOTE: yes that is really Andy in there, not photoshop.  He walked down a few rows and asked to put it on for the shot.  They were more than happy to oblige.

PostHeaderIcon Paraguay celebrates victory shot over Japan

The first shoot out in penalty kicks of World Cup 2010. We got lucky to be part of it as Japan played a better game clearly in our eyes. They had a definite edge over Paraguay the whole game but couldn’t get a goal to go.

Both teams were well celebrated for all their hard work at the end from the entire crowd. All our videos and pictures online shortly at our vVorldcup pool in Flickr.

PostHeaderIcon Live in Pretoria for Japan v Paraguay

Our first trip to the stadium Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria for World Cup 2010. A beautiful, yet oldest, stadium we have been to. The crowds are still filling in even as the game started. The fans here are quieter. Might be the teams or might be the location. But it is still fun to watch the outfits and cheering commence.

Pictures are coming on Flickr and videos later

PostHeaderIcon Paraguay vs Japan and Match 60

After a trip to the FIFA ticket office and numerous reloads of the FIFA website I’ve managed to get us tickets to two  additional games.  Today we are seeing Paraguay vs Japan in the round of 16 at the historic Loftus Versfeld Stadium this will be the first game we go to in Pretoria.  On top of that game I also managed to get tickets to Match 60,  so we now have tickets to two of the four quarter finals.  Match 60 will be the winner of the Paraguay/Japan game vs the winner of the Portugal/Spain game.  All of these are tickets through official channels so at list price.  We did discover that due to the change in the exchange rate, it works out about 10% cheaper buying the tickets on our credit cards in Rand vs $, so if given the option when buying your tickets, pay in rand.

Soon I’ll start trying to get tickets to the finals, I live in hope.

PostHeaderIcon Argentina takes down Mexico and we talk to fans

Another trip to Soccer City in Johannesburg.  We were off to see Argentina and Mexico in the final 16 at World Cup 2010.  We took our normal route of driving to Park Station to catch the direct, free train to the stadium that is offered for games.  This is our third trip using the train and we think we have a system worked out in parking, getting on before and after the game and then getting away from the traffic.  One of the benefits of riding the trains is interacting with fans of the teams about to play, and fans that just love the sport and want a good game.  Carl was able to grab an interview with another group today on the train ride in.

As you can see, it isn’t hard to find awesome people everywhere we go.  We get insight into things to do, how the city was before the games and what they hope it will be in the future.  Once off the train today we sensed the size of the crowd would be different as we enter the final 16.  TV stations, cameras and crews were all over the grounds between security and ticketing.  Once again we stole some lighting to make our own intro shot.

Both Argentina and Mexico fans were fully dressed out and ready to show support.  Carl has a ton of pictures in the VVorldCup picture pool on Flickr.


The game was well played by both sides, much better than Portugal and Brazil the other day in Durban.  We had our first encounter with some fans that had a bit much to drink.  They didn’t have issues with us, but with each other in close proximity of our seats.  It goes without saying that the fun of that moment escapes until the issue is resolved.  Once that passed, everything jumped back to normal being loud and fun.  We stuck around long enough to watch the stadium empty and take more pictures with fans and of the pitch.  Look at the Flickr album to catch them all.