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PostHeaderIcon So it begins…

The first leg of our trip to Russia begins. Im sat on a packed flight to Chicago O’Hare where I will meet Chris, where catch our flights to Helsinki and eventually Moscow. A good 20+ hours of travel.

PostHeaderIcon Life’s hard questions

As readers know, Chris and I like to answer life’s difficult questions as we drive between World Cup locations, important things like, which way should a toilet roll go on the holder (paper out ALWAYS), so this year, get your questions in by posting a comment, Chris and I will be happy to work through all your questions, and provide our valuable insights.  Any topic, we’re not proud, so fire away…

PostHeaderIcon 2018 World Cup Anthems

So each World Cup, Coca-Cola release a new World Cup song, this is the one for this year.  I don’t think it’s as good as the 2010 one for South Africa, but then I detest most songs that use autotune.

and this is the Official 2018 FIFA World Cup Anthem


PostHeaderIcon Cape Town – Cape Point

Beautiful drive, even though it was a little rainy and blustery, down the coast to the most south-westerly point of Africa – Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope

PostHeaderIcon Lucky break…

Well, we decided to check out a semi-final in Durban – so we we’re on the road to Durban and we pulled into a service station on the road down there. We were just going to get some gas and a snack when the gas/petrol attendant announced “That’s Tshabalala!!” – he had seen a guy drive up in his new BMW convertible (with no license plates) and get out – it turned out it was Siphewe Tshabalala, the South African striker, who scored the first goal in this World Cup (and what a cracker that goal was)… so I went over to him at the checkout and asked if I could get a picture…..

I told him his goal was a corker!!

PostHeaderIcon The three IMigos is now only two.

We just got back from dropping Chris at Johannesburg airport for his flight back to the USA. Obviously this is a big blow for our traveling team but all is not lost, I have already found a replacement and I will be introducing him to you all tomorrow!