PostHeaderIcon So it begins…

The first leg of our trip to Russia begins. Im sat on a packed flight to Chicago O’Hare where I will meet Chris, where catch our flights to Helsinki and eventually Moscow. A good 20+ hours of travel.

PostHeaderIcon Life’s hard questions

As readers know, Chris and I like to answer life’s difficult questions as we drive between World Cup locations, important things like, which way should a toilet roll go on the holder (paper out ALWAYS), so this year, get your questions in by posting a comment, Chris and I will be happy to work through all your questions, and provide our valuable insights.  Any topic, we’re not proud, so fire away…

PostHeaderIcon 2018 World Cup Anthems

So each World Cup, Coca-Cola release a new World Cup song, this is the one for this year.  I don’t think it’s as good as the 2010 one for South Africa, but then I detest most songs that use autotune.

and this is the Official 2018 FIFA World Cup Anthem


PostHeaderIcon Are we going to Russia 2018?

Hello and welcome to 2018!  So the question we keep getting is “are you going to the World Cup in Russia”, and the answer is yes, yes we are.  We have our first set of tickets, and we have our flights booked, we’re going to the World Cup in Russia!

You’ll be finding us at the following games:

  • France vs Australia
  • Colombia vs Japan
  • Iran vs Spain
  • Denmark vs Australia
  • Denmark vs France
  • England vs Panama

PostHeaderIcon Jermaine Jones and Referee collision – was anyone in the wrong?

The world watched USA’s Jermaine Jones and the referee collide in the USA versus Germany match on June 26th, 2014. Were either of them in the wrong?

Jermaine Jones of USA runs into the referee

There has been some debate about this on Facebook among my international friends. Some say the referee was not running the proper diagonal, some say he should not have been in front of the attacking wave and I point out he really was not doing either wrong based on what was going on at that time.

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PostHeaderIcon How to choose a World Cup winner

How to choose a world cup winner is easy with this infographic I found linked via a friend.  Just follow the chart and you will have your team picked for you.

How to choose a world cup winner