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PostHeaderIcon Fans understand community as they pass the FIFA flag

Fans can act together, no problems, no issues.  It can happen.  Everyone is here for the games and the teams representing their country.  Not to see some individual player that makes tens of millions in pro leagues.  This is about community.

This video was us live at the Ghana vs Australia match on Saturday as the giant FIFA flag gets passed around.

Note how everyone works together?  Who cares what country you are from.  Who cares where the person next to you is from.  World Cup 2010 is a community event.

PostHeaderIcon The World Cup 2010 ride to Rustenburg for Ghana vs Australia

We left mid morning for the two hour drive (or so) to Rustenburg for the Ghana versus Australia for our second game in World Cup 2010.  We chose to take the back roads to head up and the interstate to come back after.  The countryside was beautiful as we drove through small town after small town.

Part of the way there we started seeing large fires set all over the place. At a distance it looked like forest fires or preventive burning. But, as we got closer to some, we could see them scorching the fields after harvest to prepare the soil again.

Crop burning

We reached the end of the road as we started to see the signs for the stadium and parking.

Almost to Rustenburg

More on the game itself in another post.