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PostHeaderIcon So England are out of the 2010 World Cup

After the performances in the group stages I think no one will be particularly suprised that England didn’t progress furhter than the last 16.  As I said earlier, I don’t mind if England lose as long as they try and in my opinion it looked like they tried against Germany, so I can’t complain.

Refereeing during the entire tournament has been sligtly suspect and the referee and his assistants made a huge mistake by not allowing the fantastic Lampard goal.  Did it alter the game, sure it did, England had to put more players forward to try and score more goals which in turn opened up their back end.   Still Germany did win, but I don’t think they will be this years winners.

So does this result have any impact on the games we’re seeing or fun time we’re having over here, none whatsoever.  We never managed to get tickets to an England game, and I sometimes wonder if the fans at England games would be quite as friendly as the fans have been at the other games.  We did witness our first bit of football violence yesterday at the Argentina vs Mexico game in Soccer City, where an Argentinian fan threw another Argentinian fan down a couple of rows in the stadium, from what we could see it was pretty much due to alcohol, but still not something you like to see.

I am continually impressed at how friendly the South African’s are, everyone of them seems to be on a campaign to have you return again in the future.