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PostHeaderIcon Day 1 in Brazil – some addendum’s

Carl did a great recap post earlier. But, as he was stuck driving I got to navigate and stare out the windows a fair bit.

I luckily landed in Recife and walked off the plane and through customs in minutes. There was no line, no crowd and no problems. My weeks of stress before leaving about my Brazil visa were founded as they are not even letting you board the plane to leave without it.

Once there, I wasted a couple hours watching the people and making up fake accounts to access free wifi at the airport. After Carl arrived then fun began. He mentioned the issue with the language barrier. But it is a definite barrier. As much travel all over Europe I have done, I do not think I have encountered such a large percentage that speak no English. Now in saying that I am just as guilty as not speaking any number of languages.  My small Spanish barely helps at all. Out of three car rental ladies working, one had partial English.

Carl and I hit the road

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