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PostHeaderIcon Do they ever stop playing vuvuzelas? This video answers it

You can hear vuvuzelas long before games begin each night.  You hear them in cars, people walking and selling in the streets.  What happens after the game completes?  Does the sound die for a few hours?  See this video from Park Station in Johannesburg long after Argentina won against Mexico.

PostHeaderIcon Argentina takes down Mexico and we talk to fans

Another trip to Soccer City in Johannesburg.  We were off to see Argentina and Mexico in the final 16 at World Cup 2010.  We took our normal route of driving to Park Station to catch the direct, free train to the stadium that is offered for games.  This is our third trip using the train and we think we have a system worked out in parking, getting on before and after the game and then getting away from the traffic.  One of the benefits of riding the trains is interacting with fans of the teams about to play, and fans that just love the sport and want a good game.  Carl was able to grab an interview with another group today on the train ride in.

As you can see, it isn’t hard to find awesome people everywhere we go.  We get insight into things to do, how the city was before the games and what they hope it will be in the future.  Once off the train today we sensed the size of the crowd would be different as we enter the final 16.  TV stations, cameras and crews were all over the grounds between security and ticketing.  Once again we stole some lighting to make our own intro shot.

Both Argentina and Mexico fans were fully dressed out and ready to show support.  Carl has a ton of pictures in the VVorldCup picture pool on Flickr.


The game was well played by both sides, much better than Portugal and Brazil the other day in Durban.  We had our first encounter with some fans that had a bit much to drink.  They didn’t have issues with us, but with each other in close proximity of our seats.  It goes without saying that the fun of that moment escapes until the issue is resolved.  Once that passed, everything jumped back to normal being loud and fun.  We stuck around long enough to watch the stadium empty and take more pictures with fans and of the pitch.  Look at the Flickr album to catch them all.


PostHeaderIcon Faces of the 2010 World Cup

For the last few games I’ve been taking my Canon DSLR camera to the games with it’s zoom lens and have been trying to capture the faces of various fans and also in some cases non fans.  I think some of the pictures have come out great, and many I think illustrate the different emotions the fans can go through during a game. You can see all my photos on Flickr at












PostHeaderIcon Brazil verus Portugal videos from Durban

After some pictures and our written review of the World Cup 2010 game between Brazil and Portugal in Durban, we wanted to make sure the videos were posted as normal.  We had a delay as we immediately drove to Rustenburg for USA v Ghana and couldn’t find the required Internet bandwidth until now.

Intro Part 1 with Chris

Intro Part 2 with Carl (See Flyboytyler Flickr feed for references made, mainly this photo)

Outro with Andy

PostHeaderIcon Brazil versus Portugal summary of a crap game

Inside Moses Mabhida Stadium

We had the great pleasure of visiting Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban one more time.  Unfortunately, it was a waste of 96 minutes of our life watching Brazil and Portugal play. They were evenly matched and were not trying to get anyone hurt before they moved on to the final 16.

The rest of the time there was an incredible experience with over 61k in attendance.  The crowds were well split between the two teams showing excellent support for both.  At the end of the game we even saw fans changing shirts and jerseys from both sides.  A true showing of community.  This was the loudest game we have been to so far at any stadium.

Inside Moses Mabhida Stadium

Security was at it’s maximum with helicopter gun ships, crowd control SWAT teams in full gear and more officers than we have seen.  Yet there was not a single issue we saw until the large boo at the end from the disappointed fans.

We have a large amount of pictures uploaded to the Flickr group for this event.  Please head over to the Flickr VVorldcup photo group.

The stadium into videos will be up shortly (as uploading speed allows) for your review.  You can always check TheVVorldCip YouTube channel direct at any time.

PostHeaderIcon Japan takes down Denmark 3-1 in Rustenburg. Opening by Carl

This time Carl does our stadium intro as we get to see an awesome game with Japan winning.  The stadium itself was not as full as one would have hoped with the placement of a team in a bracket on the line.

But the Japan fans came out in full force.  Carl managed to capture some incredible game pictures as well as fan pictures.  The full set can be found in the VVorldCup photo pool on Flickr. Here are some of our favorites:




The drive itself was the same as last time, but lighter in traffic.  The smoke, however, was constant and almost burning to your throat at some points. They have begun making fire breaks in the land due to the dry winter. Fire breaks can be a wide swatch of land or all of the sides of the road for miles. we were able to see an entire mountain side on fire at one point during the drive making the road an entire fog. Now we get 5 hours of sleep and drive the opposite way to watch Brazil down in Durban play. But, we enjoy it so much.