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1433 days ago was the last game in the 2006 World Cup, with Italy vs France, sadly with the game being remembered more for Zidane’s friendly Glasgow Kiss than the football. Today France play Uruguay with no Zidane, and the host nation South Africa kicks off the worlds largest sporting event against Mexico.

A lot can happen in 1433 days, I’ve seen the arrival of 2 new nieces, and officially turned old; America elected it’s first black president and in 2007 the Red Sox won another World Series (World in name only) .The New England Patriots took part in another Super Bowl and this time didn’t win, the Bruins didn’t win anything either.

England got a new manager, an Italian Fabio Capello, who appears to treat the players with the respect they deserve, i.e. that they should all be treated like 15 year old boys. He doesn’t pick players because they’re famous or had a picture spread in OK magazine and I think the players are terrified of him, so I expect great things.

Epilio came into existence, and numerous customer Unified Communications solutions for Sametime and OCS have been built as a result.

So with that said, today’s the day for the fun to begin and let’s see who the new Word Champion is 30 days from now!

Good luck everyone!

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  • R1CEY says:

    Last weekend the Soccer Aid charity football match was played at Old Trafford. Robbie Williams England Celeb's & old timers (Seaman, Shearer, Sheringham, actors, TV celeb's & musicians) vs Rest of the World which included one Zinedine Zidane – he still has it, he was for my money the best player on the pitch.