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PostHeaderIcon Arrival Day in South Africa for World Cup 2010

After all of us getting delayed or routed all around the world, we are safely in our residence in South Africa World Cup 2010 for the next while.  In summary, all of our bags made it on time, the flight was full of people headed to different cities for games and the last 10 hour leg had a large amount of beverage consumption, singing, loud conversations and then passing out.

The residence we were lucky enough to get (many thanks to Brett) is in a great location and we have our own space to spread out and relax.  Our host family has gone beyond expectation already and we look forward to making them lifelong friends.

We are all uploading pictures at a constant rate and some videos as well.  My World Cup 2010 album set is on Flickr.  We are creating a YouTube channel as well.

On the downside , they discovered having three geeks move in to the guest house has immediately strained their Internet connection and promptly got on the phone to get it upped.  We apologize already 🙂

PostHeaderIcon pre boarding to London

Funny how big the plane looks before everyone gets on board with fifty bags each

PostHeaderIcon Finding the flight

As the three of us converge from all over the flights have been full and weather delays seem to have hit the majority. A little anxious as you can see games on all the monitors in the airport before taking off in the first flight leg.

The excitement seems to be growing in the US as I listened to two businessmen fight over what is offsides. I happily settled the dispute.

Update an hour later: the plane makes it. We taxi from gate. They loaded too much fuel and 22 extra people. Ugh