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PostHeaderIcon Live band at a local mall

Live music at Rosebank

We did some shopping and came across a local band, Soweto Marimba Youth League, that were quite talented.  Carl purchased a cd from them and I caught this video of one of their songs.

The young dancers that also sold their music were fun as well.  The cd Carl bought was Rhythm under African Skies featuring the Orlando Children’s Home Choir.

PostHeaderIcon Africans singing on the bus….

Returning from the match in the park and ride bus, the locals gave us a rendition of a local song “Shosholoza” and had the good fortune to record it on my phone – check it out here:


PostHeaderIcon I love this sign!!

In the big shopping centre in Sandton, these signs are all around:

PostHeaderIcon Great video for England – shout, shout, let it ALL out!!!!

Shout! Shout! Let it all out!

PostHeaderIcon Live Band at Sandton City, commentary by Carl

We were lucky to run across some great music, 3D views of a soccer match and excellent food (with oversized portions) while visiting Sandton City.  Sandton City is a major shopping complex, where the FIFA World Cup 2010 offices to pick up tickets happened to be close to.  Once again, everyone has been helpful with any request you make.  Police and security presence is high and you can find the vests anywhere you turn.  They have gone to much effort to make the World Cup 2010 trip for everyone a relaxed time to remember.

Now for music, Carl and horns.