PostHeaderIcon We introduce Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil

While we had a hard time parking and getting to Arena Pernambuco we are happy to start doing our intro videos again. This time it is for Ivory Coast versus Japan in Recife, Brazil on June 24, 2014.

The stadium itself was nice and we got lucky to sit under the overhang as it rained off an on all night throughout the game.  here is a 270 degree picture I took of Arena Pernambuco from the inside. Our seat view gave us an angle from a corner of the entire stadium.

To simplify the issue of parking, everything around the immediate stadium was restricted. Buses has rights and TV/media. The local bars had parking where you could walk and then the bus terminal with the shuttles was close.  However, you had to pre buy the parking at the bus terminal and we had no clue about that. So we went back to the Metro station and found parking. The language barrier was in our way but we luckily found some Americans with a Brazilian in the group who handled everything. We took the Metro train (after paying to park) to the bus terminal. Then the bus to the stadium.  Then walked from the bus stop to the stadium about 1/2 mile.  We reversed that in the rain going home.

The crowd was excellent as always. Fun, loud, energetic and very polite to each other.  Overall a great first game for World Cup 2014.  We visit this stadium again later in the week.

3 Responses to “We introduce Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil”

  • Terry says:

    Hey there, thanks for the recon on logistics. What was your sense about the difficulty arriving and departing the stadium for people who were only using bus > metro? How early did you arrive? I’ll be coming for the Recife matches starting Croatia v Mexico but I land at noon that day so trying to figure out how much operating room I have. Thanks!

  • IdoNotes says:

    Thanks for reading the post. We found that if you get to the Metro station it took you to the required buses that went to the stadium. A lot of people were on the Metro. Buses we coming in too but I am not sure how long or from where. We simply parked at the Metro station, took it one more stop (with other already on the train) and got off for the buses. Since you are all public transport I would imagine the Metro with train changes would be much faster than car since traffic was tougher.

    Some people in Recife took cabs from the city to the Metro stop where we parked