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PostHeaderIcon Carl captures the disallowed goal in US vs. Slovenia

Among the tons of pictures we have taken and uploaded, Carl also managed to be doing a small video at the exact moment we took the free kick that turned into a goal, then a disallowed goal.  You will see Andy’s hand pointing to the huge sign light up GOAL and me pointing the other way at the referee.  Warning, it is also very loud.

As for the sights along the way?  tons of pictures with more being uploaded to the World Cup 2010 stream as I type this out.  We also have some more YouTube coming along as well that we recorded and have to upload through the evening.

Below, Andy welcomes up to our first match of World Cup 2010. USA vs Slovenia for an awesome way to start our game adventures.

Andy waves US flag outside Ellis Stadium

The shuttle service worked well.  We parked at a local college and they had thousands boarding buses as seen in other pics.  The same for the return service as well.  Luckily, the parking was close to where we are staying and the stadium not far from the parking.  Costs were cheap as they charged per carload.  It was 50 rand per car.  So just under $7 USD for all of us to go roundtrip.  Well worth it to avoid finding parking there.

The game itself was full of horns.  I donned the ear plugs.  Carl and Andy braved it without.  They claim is wasn’t bad but yelled the rest of the night and complained of ringing.  Might be the noise as we watch the England game right now as well.

More coming with a game tomorrow between Ghana and Australia and more uploads.