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PostHeaderIcon World Cup Final 2010 – Spain vs Netherlands

Last night we attended the World Cup Final at Soccer City in Johannesburg. It felt special to be there, and the atmosphere is something I will never forget. To see Nelson Mandela was something special, and everyone in the stadium gave him the standing ovation he deserves, football players are often referred to as heroes by the media (falsely), but Nelson Mandela is a real hero, and a great inspiration for millions of people.

The game did not flow very well, and compared to football played in the 3/4th playoff game from the previous night was disappointing, but lets face it, if I was only interested in the football I could have stayed at home and watched it on the tele with instant replays, attending the games has been as much about the atmosphere as the game itself. The Dutch played dirty and unfortunately their tournament will probably be remembered that way.

As with our other games, we met people in the stands, took lots of photos and did our regular video introductions…

Alex from the train to Soccer City

Andy introduces the World Cup final (be sure to listen to my score prediction)

Stacie, our gracious hostess, provides the closing comments

PostHeaderIcon Germany vs Spain Intro

Yesterday we got to watch Germany vs Spain.  Didn’t get access to a computer until I got back to Johannesburg so sorry for the delay.  The best team won, Spain totally took Germany out of the game, no idea what the posession percentage was, but Germany couldn’t have had it much.  Chris Jr continues to get lots of attention, and is very popular with the ladies, much like Chris Sr.   There were some fans which missed the game because of issues with their flights, to them I say, what the hell were you thinking? Who leaves their travel to a flight that is supposed to get in a couple of hours early?  So now we will have a historic World Cup final, with neither the Netherlands or Spain having won the competition.  I have more friends that are Dutch, so I think I’ll be rooting for them.

We did see a person invade the pitch early on in the game, and unfortunately, the security didn’t beat the crap out of him as I had been told would happen. Oh well, I did video what happened.

Intro Video

Chris getting attention

Dumb ass Italian

See you at the final!!!!

PostHeaderIcon The remote intro for Spain v Germany in Durban

While I was not there in physical presence, I certainly am there still in spirit and I am happy Andy and Carl are joining me watching the game in Durban.

Sorry for the noise they make, they get excited easily.

PostHeaderIcon Spain vs Paraguay

This evening we saw Spain vs Paraguay. This game was almost as boring as the Portual vs Brazil game. Fortunately it did not need overtime and after hitting the post three times in about 4 seconds, the Spanish scored. Spain looked alot like England this evening, poor passing, poor final ball and not pushing forward very much.

Here are this evenings opening and closing videos

PostHeaderIcon Uruguay vs Ghana, who said tie games are boring?

Last night, I feel very privileged to have had the pleasure to go to the Uruguay vs Ghana game. The crowd going to Soccer City on the train was in high spirits, cheering and singing the whole trip. The noise in the stadium with the VuVuZelas and the singing was just incredible, I’m not very good at describing things in words, but let me try by saying the noise rattled your rib cage, it was loud!

The game was incredible, Ghana played really well and deserved the win, and if there was ever the evidence needed for the football equivalent of a rugby penalty try, yesterday showed it. Cheat and you can still get through to the next round of the World Cup. Ghana played great, passing the ball, using the wings, holding the ball up, basically they should have won. Sadly it was decided on penalties, and it looks like the English teams penalty coach has been training the Ghana team.

I did take the video camera with me, but it’s taken a little while to sort out missing codecs, but I think I have it now.

Intro video 1

Intro Video 2

Kristine, a pretty girl from Wilmington, USA who liked to dance and I think was very cheery cos of cheap Budweiser, I promised I’d post her video.

A few beers later, Andy doing the closing.

And finally, Andy introduces Chris jr to complete strangers on the train. This lady it turned out is Colombian and lives in Atlanta USA.

PostHeaderIcon Japan v Paraguay videos, pictures and thoughts #worldcup

What an amazing game to see.  The first game that went to penalty kick at World Cup 2010.  The Japan fans were there in full energy and attire and Paraguay fans were not as obvious.  Sorry.


We enjoyed sitting in the section right next to a large amount of Japan fans.  Carl has an amazing set of fan photos from this event in the VVorldCup photo pool on Flickr. Their enthusiasm for everyone on the team was excellent to see.  Their team is a hero, not just one or two international players.  I wish more fans saw their teams like this.  Many just want to see individuals make individual plays.  First up is our intro into a new stadium for us to see.


Both teams were so well balanced.  While the style of play was obviously different, they canceled each other out and breakaways were exciting when they happened.  As we hot 80 minutes in, all three of us looked at each other and said penalty shots.   It almost was dashed as Japan was so close to a goal in the last few minutes of overtime.


Skipping the thought that we went into penalty shots, this was one of the more exciting games to watch for me on a personal level.  Carl and Andy have a couple more to go.  Maybe one will prove more exciting.

Go visit the Flickr pool for all of our combined photos.